FTP client with a graphical interface for Windows sockets
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Access FTP servers using Winsock and create user profiles to easily switch between frequently visited FTP addresses. Additional features include automatic FTP address correction, support for various types of firewalls and customizable transfer modes.

WS_FTP LE (limited edition) is a standard FTP client for Winsock. It has an easy-to-use graphical interface and advanced features. It contains profiles that can be set up to toggle between commonly visited FTP sites. Newer features included corrections to FTP servers for year 2000 compliance; a default transfer mode option in session parameters; auto re-get; prompts for file overwrites and preserving file date and time; support for new firewall and host types; and other minor corrections. This version is available free to government employees, noncommercial home users, and students and staff of educational institutions. Corporate users or those who do not qualify for free use of WS_FTP LE must use WS_FTP Pro.

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